With 20 years of teaching experience and more than 20 years of recording and performing with jazz legends, Lorin Cohen brings a wealth of information and a highly developed method to his teaching. You can study privately with this master teacher anywhere in the world via Skype.


Nov/dec. special – add 15 minutes per lesson at no extra cost

When you study with Lorin Cohen, you can be assured of the following benefits:

  • Improved improvising skills

  • Improved sight-reading skills

  • Being able to play what you hear

  • Playing acoustic bass in tune

  • Stronger rhythmic ability

  • Gaining practice strategies that allow you to master music quickly

  • Building a diverse repertoire of standards and new works

  • Developing collaborative skills so you can work with various kinds of musicians

  • Understanding how to perform effectively with small and large groups

  • Ability to lead a rhythm section

  • Increased confidence in performances and auditions

  • Being successful winning competitions auditions to top schools