Lorin Cohen presents workshops across the US and internationally that inspire and energize musicians of all levels

While on tour, Lorin stopped by to work with my high school jazz band, and it was fantastic! He worked with the students on improvisation and groove, and they gained valuable insight into the art of jazz from a true master.

Matt Howe
Director of Bands
Cathedral City High School
Cathedral City, CA

Workshops for 2018-19:

“Speeding up our Soloing Spontaneity”

In this highly interactive workshop, we de-mystify jazz improvisation by breaking down the intellectual (theory), aural (ear-training) and digital (technique) components of soloing.

When we solo, these components have to come together in a split second. To speed up this reaction, we’ll explore exercises that develop the components on their own and in their real-time relation to one another.

“Understanding the Lifespan of Your Album Release” 

In 2015 I released my first album, HOME. It was a massive endeavor, and this workshop illustrates all the things I wished someone had told me in the process of releasing the album. It also lays out the basic arc of any album release, from initial conception, fundraising, to CD release shows and beyond. 


“Rhythm Will Set You Free”

This workshop focuses on the importance of rhythmic control in jazz improvisation. Through innovative metronome exercises, recorded examples and ensemble coaching, we work on the numerous ways that internalization of the pulse not only improves one’s sense of rhythm, but also facilitates an increased ability to navigate through chord changes.

“Rules of Thumb”

This workshop directly draws from my experiences on the bandstand with jazz masters. We’ll explore 20 practical “rules of thumb” that can be applied to all elements of playing jazz, especially when faced with real time challenges on the bandstand.